Ghost at the E/AB Fair

P1110067With great excitement, Printeresting showcased Ghost at this past weekend’s Editions/Artists Book Fair during Print Week New York 2015. Unlike years prior when we tackled Print Week as roving reporters, this year we were anchored to a table, a new and interesting experience for us. While our commitment at the E/AB caused us to miss some events around town, the great part was that over the course of three days it really felt like everyone came to us! Plus, we were in good company, with nearly fifty exhibiting publisherseach representing anywhere from a few to dozens of artists. The E/AB offered plenty of fresh print projects and printed art to consume. It was what we’ve come to expect: an expansive survey of printmaking today. It was a pleasure to be counted among the exhibitors.

P1110070By the standards of our peers at the fair, our table was humble and less than flashy. Fortunately, that didn’t seem to stop friends and supporters from visiting to discuss Printeresting’s new direction, the Ghost confluence, and other print gossip. Many picked up a copy of the limited edition publication, too. By the end of the fair, our books found homes in permanent and special collections at major institutions, ensuring that the project will have a rewarding afterlife. Some of the leading print curators in New York spent time at our table, which presented an important opportunity to get feedback in person. These direct sales nicely complement the even greater number of print-on-demand purchases by artists, students, professors, print collectors, and supporters. Our plan to simultaneously distribute this content across multiple platforms appears to have worked!


2In an effort to draw more crowds to our table, Printeresting’s own R.L. Tillman even performed his much lauded impersonation of John Singer Sargent’s Madam X (below). Spot on!ca9c0885304e3aa42160d11692b61e33

Lower Eastside Printshop‘s (LESP) booth featured some delightful new work by Sebastiaan Bremer, Ryan McGinness, and awesome playing card prints (above) by Derrick Adams. The LESP took over organization of the E/AB Fair a few years ago, and we should say without the LESP’s support we would not have been able to present the Ghost project during Print Week. THANK YOU!

P1110056Located to the left of our table, Small Editions kept us company with their keen selection of conceptually-driven artist books. We fell head-over-heels for Sheryl Oppenheim’s new book Black Hours.

P1110071And flanking us to the right, the good folks from the IPCNY table helped us overcome our fair-newbie status.
P1110074This being the Editions/Artists Book fair, there were many book publishers and makers present, including the venerable Purgatory Pie Press, and our friends at Booklyn, and The Bird Press (below).

P1110064Aspinwall Editions continues to blow us away with their adept combination of delicate and graphic print aesthetics, including the epic collagraph by Ann Aspinwall below.


P1110063Zea Mays Printmaking brought strong work and the friendly nature of a community printshop.

P111006210 Grand Press knocked it out of the monoprint park as usual.

P1110061Kayrock Screen Printing won the High-Octane Booth Award- with vibrant work at a wide range of price points.

P1110060Highpoint Center for Printmaking wowed the crowds with their astounding print projects.

P1110058Western Exhibitions brought a wide range of smart and beautiful book and print projects, including a range works by the awesome Deb Sokolow that blur the boundaries between drawing, print, and artist books.

After all the build up, it’s hard to believe another NY Print Week has come and gone. It’s always sad to see the community disperse. We’re not sure what side of the table we’ll be on next year, but one way or another we’ll definitely be back.

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