Ghost Project: Imin Yeh

Very early in our planning, Imin Yeh‘s name was added to the list of people we wanted to collaborate with on a Ghost Project. Yeh is interdisciplinary and project-based artist in the Bay Area whose work, in her words, “use[s] repetitive handcraft and mimicry as a strategy for exploring the issues around the unseen labor and production that lies behind our many unconsidered everyday objects.” Needless to say we love everything she does, and this project is no exception.

After some brainstorming, Yeh arrived on the phone jack as her subject. The phone jack is a kind of ubiquitous marker of a dying infrastructure that lingers unseen in our homes. For her project, Yeh created a downloadable PDF that allows you to participate in her project by printing and constructing your own jack, that can then be quietly placed in an unsuspecting home, office, or printshop awaiting notice. There is something generous about art designed to sit hidden in plain sight, waiting to jar its unsuspecting audience out of their mundane existence, and into a state of wonder. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to be an agent of wonder.


Phone Jack, 2015, a sculpture for not networking.

Download the PDF, cut, fold, leave around studio spaces where you engage in other defunct technological activities and/or questionably “productive” work. Stay in touch by emailing Imin Yeh a photo for her archive.


phonejack Link to downloadable PDF!Step1







Below, you can see phone jacks in the wild. Build one for your home and studio and post a picture on the social medias (with the tag #printGHOST). Then wait to see how many years it will take anyone to notice.




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