Ghost Publication

Ghost, a publication edited by Printeresting, includes critical writing, art projects, and artist profiles. The term “ghost” has specific technical implications for print artists, but also broader metaphorical connotations. As we investigate this theme, our guideposts include: trace, echo, residue, evidence, artifact, history, nostalgia, witness, memory, invisibility, vanishing, mystery, death, memento mori, afterlife, etc.

From the Preface…

“One presumption of the graphic is that black and white is authoritative. We expect print to deliver answers. Printers themselves often think in absolutes, as suits the binary nature of the medium: ink is meant to be there, or not. Print is black and white, and expresses gray only through trickery. Gray is a myth. Gray is a mystery. Gray is a Ghost.“

Ghost features images and writing by Noel W. Anderson, Miguel A. Aragón, Randy Bolton, Amra Brooks, Barb Choit, Amze Emmons, Rachel Foster, Shaurya Kumar, Laura Larson, José Ortiz-Pagán, Sage Perrott, J Price, Ricardo Vincent José Ruiz, Joanna Ruocco, Brian Teare, Corinne Teed, R.L. Tillman, Jason Urban, James Walker, and Letha Wilson. The design team for the publication is Tricia Traecy and Ashley John Pigford.

Note: There are two editions of the Ghost publication. The second edition is the print-on-demand version from Magcloud. The first exists as hard copy in an edition of one hundred. It was printed by Conveyor Editions and hand bound by our team. While the content is the same, it is a slightly smaller size and it is a different weight than the print-on-demand version. It also includes a hand-printed cover and other elements by Josh Dannin, Leslie Mutchler & Jason Urban, Veit Stratmann & Amze Emmons, and Tricia Treacy & Ashley John Pigford. A handful of the limited edition will be available for purchase at Print Center and the rest will be at the E/AB Fair in November.

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