Ghost[ed.] Portfolio

Printeresting and our partners aren’t the only folks working on ghost-themed print projects this October.


Ghost[ed.] VIII, Jessie Brennan (key image) and Sue Baker Kenton (ghost image)

The Ghost[ed.] portfolio was organized by Sue Baker Kenton and Nicole Polonsky with contributing artists Gino Ballantyne, Jessie Brennan, Tim Brown, Hen Coleman, Edit Toaso, and Caroline Whitehead. The portfolio hinged on creative re-use of “ghost” imagery from litho stones.

Ghost[ed]Here’s a little information from the project’s website:

Ghost[ed.] evolved from one of the inherent characteristics of lithography: the ‘ghost’, or residual image, which remains within the stone after printing. The ghost is usually removed entirely by the process of graining…

In Ghost[ed.], graining was only partial. This allowed the ghost of an image to be retained and printed again as a reduced version of the original. Ghost[ed.] lithographs emerged sequentially: contributors were invited to devise a key image in response to the ghost of the one that came immediately before. The two elements were then incorporated into a single print, with one superimposed over the other – a key image by one artist and the ghost of the previous one by another. Instead of being erased, the ghost is an active and dynamic component of the eight pictorial schemes.


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