Heavy Gel


Heavy Gel is an LA-based collective art & design print studio that has at times also functioned as a gallery, music venue, small press, performance space, writers room, circuit bending lab, and generally speaking an open creative space.

Founded by Jayes Caitlin in 2012 in a Chicago loft space, the project followed her to California; where the studio continues to produce print projects in it’s bold, experimental, graphic collage aesthetic, while bringing a DIY community space that one might more closely associate with the art scene in Chicago than LA.



In a recent conversation with Caitlin, we discussed how her work with Heavy Gel might relate specifically to the Ghost project. I had in mind the aesthetics of her work, which has a haunting quality despite it’s aggressive aesthetic presence. She has a better idea, suggesting the idea of, ‘how the traces of your art practice ghost your “professional” design work’ and who you are while you’re wearing these different hats.’ Considering how many young artists are finding their way in our current economy by working in the way that Caitlin describes, moving from project to project, juggling multiple professional identities some with external creative directors, some intrinsically focused, both often fronting a signature aesthetic or style. Seen in this light Heavy Gel is a totally inspiring model, producing such a range of professional projects always with the artist’s signature clearly visible, while supporting a space of possibility for a community creatives.


A studio view of the flat file/exposure unit.


Printing action shot.


I wasn’t kidding about the circuit bending, Jayes is an accomplished musician and her studio is very much organized as a multi-disciplinary creative space.


Inky goodness.



Highly organized for a DIY space.


Heavy Gel pop-up style.



Examples of Heavy Gel’s commercial (above) and creative work (below).




We look forward to seeing what Heavy Gel is up to next!


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