Hergatory at University of Minnesota

Ed. Note: Jenny Schmid & her crew of grads and undergrads at The University of Minnesota sent us this brief report about Kathryn Polk’s recent visit to Minneapolis. Our theme, ghost, dovetailed nicely with UM’s annual Halloween Fun Week tradition!

The printmaking studios at The University of Minnesota were alive with Halloween Fun Week with guest artist Kathryn Polk making a print with the help of our faculty and student print club, Bohemian Press. Kathryn chose to respond to the ghost theme by making a floating woman, stuck between worlds, titled “Hergatory.” This ethereal stone lithograph with two photo plates was drawn and printed in an edition of 60 in 31/2 days.

UM_08We hosted our first ever “costume lecture” with a costume contest afterwards.  Kathryn judged generously, grabbing more prints to award to oversized unicorns, wizards with chalices and a clever recreation of faculty member Jenny Schmid. A huge crowd gathered around Kathryn as she showed her prolific output- from sketch books to cut out drawings and lithographs.

The students, grads and faculty worked tirelessly through the Halloween weekend and had three presses going at one point.  Kathryn Polk is an accomplished lithographer with a unique approach and great sense of humor- best Halloween ever!















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