Kate McQuillen’s Night House


Night House is a recently completed project by Chicago-based artist Kate McQuillen. The piece, no longer on view, was part of the Terrain Biennial, an international exhibition of site specific art made for front yards, balconies and porches. She covered the facade of a suburban home in a printed image of the night sky. The image was digitally printed on weatherproof styrene panels and temporarily stapled to the house by professional installers. McQuillen funded the entire project with sales of a screenprinted poster (see below), inspired by Chicago’s gig poster tradition.

If McQuillen’s poetic gesture of “cloaking” a house in the night strikes a chord with you, you might also enjoy this actual poem, The Night House, by Billy Collins.





CushingMcQuillen adding some reflective tape on the panels at Cushing (the printer) in Chicago, IL. Photo credit: Valerie Cushing.

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