After seven years of publishing an acclaimed art blog, Printeresting has devised a new thematic model of content delivery.

Each year, Printeresting will release a critical print publication and produce a month-long series of geographically-distributed art projects. A new website at http://ghost.printeresting.org will showcase this content alongside online-only features. We hope that this combination of print, digital, and lived experience will stimulate new perceptions and foster new relationships.

The first of these new Printeresting projects, Ghost, launched October 6, 2015. The term “ghost” has specific technical implications for print artists, but also broader metaphorical connotations. As we investigate this theme, our guideposts include: trace, echo, residue, evidence, artifact, history, nostalgia, witness, memory, invisibility, vanishing, mystery, death, memento mori, afterlife, etc.

Ghost, a publication edited by Printeresting, includes critical writing, art projects, and artist profiles. This magazine is available via print-on-demand. A limited edition version, which incorporates exclusive hand-printed inserts, will be available in November at the Editions/Artists Book Fair in New York.

Ghost-affiliated events have been organized autonomously by an eclectic group of collaborators. These projects may include online presentations, curated exhibitions, individual artworks, and publications. Printeresting’s ultimate role is to ensure that an overall thematic coherence emerges from many diffuse parts.

The Ghost website will present affiliated projects to an international audience, and incorporate community responses via social media. The site will also enable a deeper thematic inquiry: online content and links to further reading will supplement the material presented in the Ghost publication.

Ghost was developed by Printeresting editors Amze Emmons, R.L. Tillman, and Jason Urban.

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